A summer adventure w a compass rose and earthy fall aromas


If we were to followup from reading about the almost terrifying captain on the gang plank sailing adventure way back in June , you would have figured out I have some letters to tap and poke on my I pad to continue capturing your atttention.
After checking put my insanity level I was ready to write about the fun adventures I had too on that trip and there were many…
But instead most Most recently I did this.
Had a exploratory trip of Co searching for a place i could call home. I do have a home , nice location indeed but its not “my home”. Actually its an end unit in a small townhouse complex in S. Boulder,Co . According to Noa there are about 10 other Boulders in the usa btw. So sort of unique .

My summer adventures are of just me and my 89 vw van exploring possible places to live in Colorado other than the precious intimidating , moving at at unreal human pace or opposite like a slug out of his domaine here in the bubble land , Boulder.
Breckenridge, Frisco , Blue River area, then Steamboat, Oakcreek, Hayden, Craig areas, BV and Salida also . Next is Aspen, Carbondale .
For all u skiers ,its tough picking the best, closest , cheapest place to live , let alone who has the most perfecta available mtn men to play with!
And how has the best breweries and closest hotsprings.
Stay tune for those observations and details including shagging a young brewery owner , he was over 30 🙂 in my VW van up on BuF pass. Yeah.
Very smart and wealthy. Sweet tracks are ahead for him I hope.

Well so much has happened .. this writing stuff takes up time :).
Still exploring as of Oct 2014 in the Blue Missy , jus mw unless its a nice nite and I capture one.
Funny as a single woman I could find anyone but this black widow likes a victim to be wanted not jus needed.
I look like I want the norm . I do not .I like men who are almost accepted but have a unique thing or two about them .
So I am alone still but ok for the most part .
Damn holidays are a fairy tale time for couples…. yuck !
Ok .. a