Another tiny powder day and a tiny slip back


Work and the snow were both interesting. My one hour private lesson was unique ( again) . Two brothers, two different worlds and ski ability .
Found out the family lives near me so I was nice when they did not tip 😦 .
Snow was 3 inches on top of crunchy granola . I preeneded I was in the back county . It was good AT conditions but we were actually at a ski resort w grooming equipment . Too cheap to run that nite ?
I also managed to skate ski for a short bit later after I checked out of work .
Lovely quiet, not sticky and busy w skiers. I cried . Its a good place to a healthy cry . I am slowly healing. I was told to do,this but sometimes my vanity worries about the vas amonts of tears and how i wrinkle my face w saddness.
But I slipped.
I broke NC by sending an old pic of me and texted how happy those flowers had made me. that was it .
Of course no reply will ever surface. It is an addiction.

Moved on . Been reading some blogs . who needs magazines w all our great articles.
Cheers Gillian

Be grateful for anything alive !


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